A Childs Guide to Innocence

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“Another wonderful example of high quality theater right here within the city limits...Great writing, with great interpretation is a performance not to be missed.”
The Portland Sun

“The bonds and impasses of these women are wonderfully subtle, with great variation in range and tone, and their fraught familial dynamics are utterly convincing.”
The Portland Phoenix

“`A Child’s Guide to Innocence’...offers some interesting and moving variations in the category (of famiy drama) and is well worth a visit...some may find a tear in their eye after seeing this touching play that seeks to find the good in people.”
The Portland Press Herald

A Child’s Guide
to Innocence

by Vincent Sessa

directed by Al D’Andrea

Several generations from an Italian-American family in New York struggle with events that reverberate through the ages.  We encounter three sisters in war-torn 1944, a mother and her daughters in chaotic 1975, and a grandmother and her granddaughters in disorienting 1995.  The very survival of innocence and joy is at stake as these women are impacted by the world’s great events at a shockingly personal level.

March 2013
Ludcke Auditorium at UNE, Portland

Laura Houck Elizabeth Lardie Kathryn Perry

Laura Houck
Francie / Frances / Francesca

Elizabeth Lardie
Catherine /
Joan /

Katherine Perry
Marion /
Marilyn /

Photos by Michael Eric Berube, GoodPhotos.com

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The Portland Phoenix
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A Child's Guide to Innocence

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