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a world premiere productionof a
collaborative theater piece
by writers Al D’Andrea & MK Wolfe
and the AHGB ensemble

Title AHGB

 directed by Al D’Andrea

September 29 - October 8

Portland Ballet Studio Theater

517 Forest Avenue, Portland

Panhandlers on the median strip
versus the City of Portland: 

The conscience of a community is tested when Portland must come to grips with conflicted feelings about homelessness, giving, and individual freedom, as the proposal of a simple public safety ordinance unleashes a torrent of passionate, sometimes outrageous response from all sides that ultimately leads to a heated court battle over Constitutional rights!

The Ensemble

Harlan 6 x 6
Harlan Baker

Sam 6 x 6
Samuel Carlson

Cathy 6 x 6
Cathy Counts

Callie 6 x 6
Callie Cox

Tom 6 x 6
Tom Handel

Pat M 6 x 6
Patricia Mew

Chris 6 x 6
Chris Newcomb

Bob 6 x 6
Bob Pettee

Tasha 6 x 6
Natasha Salvo

Pat S 6 x 6
Pat Scully

Eric 6 x 6
Eric Darrow Worthley

$20 all seats

Reservations accepted:
(207) 518-9305

Group Shot 6 x 4 cropped

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