Learn to create unforgettable CHARACTERS in this fun, informative exploration
of the soul of every performance...CHARACTER!

“CHARACTER:  The Soul of Acting Technique”

Psych gesture 2Teacher Al D'Andrea and his students will use a variety of games, exercises, techniques and improvisations to take an in-depth look at how to develop and embody a character in a play from the ground up with both imagination and authenticity. Major aspects of character that will be explored include character wants and needs, attitudes, traits, physicality and emotional life, as well as how and why a character moves, speaks, thinks, feels, engages in physical activities, and pursues objectives in a particular way. 

The workshop is ideal for experienced actors who seek to master their use of this important element of stagecraft, while beginning actors receive a strong foundation in understanding the many and varied aspects that define a human being and how to embody them in a living, breathing, believable character on the stage. The class is open to all, ages 16 and up. 


"CHARACTER: The Soul of Acting Technique"

5 Sundays, 1 Thursday

April 23 - May 25, 2017 from 6 to 8:30 pm (Thursday 7 to 8:30 pm)

at Studio 408, located at 408 Broadway, South Portland

Cost for this Class: Only $149

SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED to keep the class size small.

To reserve your place, or for more info:

Contact Margit Ahlin at margit@snowlionrep.org or 207-518-9305


Al directing 225ABOUT THE TEACHER:  Al D'Andrea has worked professionally as an actor and director in New York and Los Angeles for over 30 years. He is the former artistic director of New York's Third Step Theatre Company, where he developed dozens of new plays and musicals for the stage, and current Artistic Director of Portland's Snowlion Repertory Company. He has directed countless productions and workshops across the country, and has taught for many years. His teaching is based on the work of two theater greats with whom he studied extensively - the legendary Stella Adler and Hollywood sensation Stephen Book, protege of the renowned Viola Spolin. Al directs regularly in Maine.


Student comments from a recent workshop:

-”I liked best Al’s passion for the craft and his respect for the students; his gentle guidance undergirded by strong understanding of what’s at stake and what’s needed; and the drive towards honesty.”

- “It was a challenging class that was a safe space to explore.”

- “Very hands on - a true workshop - not a lecture class.

- “Al is relentless in inspiring us to act truthfully.”

- “Positive, lively, encouraging”

- “The class actually exceeded my expectations.”

- “I couldn’t get enough.”


Snowlion Rep currently offers 5 classes in rotation that together complete
basic and review training for all actors:

THE ACTORS’ INSTRUMENT:  The Body of Acting Technique
IMAGINATION & INSTINCT:  The Spirit of Acting Technique
ACTION & OBJECTIVE:  The Heart of Acting Technique
CHARACTER:  The Soul of Acting Technique
SCRIPT ANALYSIS:  The Mind of Acting Technique


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